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Hugh Brenner, FPNP. "Where Do We Go From Here? Discussion on Research Directions in Orgonomy."

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As a child Brenner said he fooled around with an accumulator, cloudbusters, and orgone blankets. Now, as an orgonomist, he is neither a believer nor a disbeliever, but instead he wants to see the evidence. We need to agree on the elements in Dr. Reich’s work that can be evaluated. So, where do we go from here?

There is so much data and work.S Brenner quoted from Ether, God and Devil what Reich saiSd of his work. “I often had to defend myself against the criticism that I overstepped scientific limits, that I had undertaken ‘too much at one time’ … the facts and interrelations flowed toward me in superabundance … but the essential and basic facts about the discovery of cosmic orgone energy strike me as sufficiently secure and systematized for others to continue building the structure I could not complete.” This discovery has redefined our view of the universe.

So we must separate the wheat from the chaff. It is a difficult task as some phenomena are loosely connected. Some ideas and concepts of Reich are integrated into modern science, though without attribution. What are the strongest links in the chain of interrelations? What are the organizing principles? What elements are valid, and why?

In looking at neurons in a biological system, we observe that oxygen in the blood affects the actions of nerves. So deep breathing has this effect on a cellular level. What is the basic concept here?

Reich said that his only discovery was the function of orgastic potency. There has been a lot of research on the quantitative aspects of measuring orgone energy. A reaction from the field of therapy is that a therapist can pick up on energy levels in a patient. As a therapist we need to be aware of sensations coming from the patient’s energy field. One can also feel the patient’s energy level in one’s hands. According to Reich, this field reaction is the interaction of two energy fields, i.e. it is a communication between two orgonomic fields. Brenner called this a precognitive means of communication. Orgone energy can be organized within a system as well as being used as a form of communication.

As humans, we possess this well of energy. But the interaction of energies, the communication, is part of every measurement. Like Schrodinger’s cat, it is hard not to affect every measurement made by an observer. Further, there is the qualitative communication. The attitude and feelings and other emotions all add a new level of experimental bias to every measurement. It makes objective measurements very difficult.

According to Herskowitz, Reich thought therapy could move beyond talk alone. Is a healthy orgasm the only marker for health (Reich’s emphasis)? Reich’s stress on the sexual function is a sticky issue. Does it exist? Yes. Why not include other markers? Why are some neurotics capable of orgasm? Reich reported in Cancer Biopathy that even armored people could exhibit the orgastic reflex. In children, play and exercise takes up part of the energy, so they don’t have the full reflex available to them. But Brenner admitted that even jerks report they have the full reflex. Maybe they lie.

Brenner states that one can have energetic health but still not have mental and emotional health. Maybe there is a little disconnect, but we need more data to try to understand the orgasmic surrender in comparison with emotional health. Yet the question remains, are they the same? It is tricky research, very hard to test, and it won’t be soon, if at all, that his research is done. Maybe more important is who will answer these questions? Where are the youth to take over Reich’s work? There are so many basic questions.

Science is driven by emotions though. As scientists, we don’t like “bombs.” Thus, there is a reluctance to investigate this revolutionary thinking. In spite of the scarce research, the masses of people have voted for alternatives. The increase in the use of alternative medicine is an example. The rise in the organic movement has affected the health movement today. The medical advances of Reich are now being integrated into the medical community. Pointing out the source is of these changes may help in a better understanding of Reich’s role.

The truth does need to be told. Perhaps Reich doesn’t need attribution for all his work. But some essentials are necessary: preserving and protecting children is one. Thus, workers with children should be part of the movement.


Stephen Simonian, MD. "The Central Importance of the Orgasm Theory in Psychiatric Orgone Therapy."

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Orgastic potency is the essential point in understanding Dr. Reich’s analysis.

Simonian shared an anecdote from Reich’s life. Reich was at a presentation on Ginseng tea. At the end of the presentation, Reich asked the presenter if Ginseng tea enhanced the orgastic reflex. This confused the presenter who could not answer the question. “Then it has nothing to do with Orgonomy” was Reich’s reply.

All psychic health depends on orgastic potency. If the natural biological energy is blocked in an individual, then the natural capacity for love cannot be expressed. It is the orgastic capacity that allows the totally involuntary movements that are expressions of the healthy individual.

There has been a widespread misunderstanding of this concept as it is used in orgone therapy. This orgastic potency concept grew out of Freud’s stasis neurosis or energy blocks. Reich took this original understanding and extended it to a larger issue of energy in relationship to the functioning system.

When Reich read his first major paper on genitality in 1921, there was an icy feeling in the room. The analysts in the room rejected his concepts, but at that time genitality was defined only as the sexual act alone. So there were neurotics who were defined as being sexually healthy solely on the reason that they could perform the sexual act. Reich took two years to understand the difference between mere fucking and a loving embrace.

He began to see that all patients were genitally disturbed, especially the men who boasted about sexual prowess based on the number of times they could perform in one night. In fact, often these men were sadistic or at least not happy with their fucking experience. There was no involuntary movements or loss of consciousness as a result of their lovemaking.

Orgastic potency is defined as the capacity for surrender in the acme of sexual excitement in the natural sexual act. Sexual pleasure is free of anxiety and is concentrated in the genital areas. Pornography, especially bondage, is an example of the inability to surrender.

In clinical work one finds examples. Simonian spoke of a young woman who is promiscuous, sleeping around with various partners, who could only have an orgasm if she is being humiliated. She has a masturbation fantasy that a child’s throat is slashed and there is profuse blood flowing. This need for a sexual fantasy within this person is a manifestation of her pathological sexuality.

Conventional psychiatry has no understanding of this. Orgasm without fantasy is in opposition to the pornographic need expressed above. Current psychiatric texts have a very limited understanding of the function of the orgasm in relationship to good health. Orgonomy can identify the significance of the orgasm. According to Reich, the ability for sexual surrender is lost because of social suppression. Under orgone therapy, not only is armoring diminished, but also sexual fantasies can evaporate.

Reich in Character Analysis established that orgastic potency was the goal of therapy. The manner of achieving this goal is important. It is essential that there is a slow overcoming of the blocks in order to guarantee success. The orgastic response is a signal that this therapy has been successful. The person who gains full orgastic potency also develops other qualities in this process, such as the inability to lie.

Why do societies produce sexual repression? In The Function of the Orgasm Reich cites the work of Malinowski. Sexual repression functions to serve the transition from matriarchal societies to patriarchal ones. The patriarchal organization encourages the armoring of individuals found in societies today. Perhaps it served a need for the past thousand years Simonian observed, but it is no longer needed today.

Without the understanding of sex economy, real understanding of health and sickness and pathological relationships is impossible. Eventually a person can only destroy his own health if the principal of orgastic potency is not practiced.


Jorgos Kavouras, MD. "The New Medicine: Reich's Contribution to Holistic Medicine."

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Nothing happens by chance in the human body. Acute diseases happen with lower energy levels in the body. For instance, in children who have fewer diseases their body can produce and deal with higher and more frequent fevers. The United States is a leader in the world of people with acute diseases. Within the last fifty years there have been a greater number of chronic diseases that have appeared that do not have the ability to produce fever in the body.

Conventional medicine does not have the parameters for defining the person who is rarely sick but who suddenly gets cancer. This is a person who from a Reichian point of view is getting a lower energy level in the body that is weakening the immune system. Also, importantly, there is a predisposition for this condition based on family history. health chartThus, there has been a slow decline in health that is symptom free. When a line is crossed, the disease shows up suddenly. Today, there is a whole new class of diseases beyond this list from I to IV. Alzheimer’s is an example of this new type.

Reich recognized that the emotional side of a person is connected with his physical side. When there is a decline in the emotional health, there is a similar decrease in physical health. Thus, an MS patient with good emotional health has a good chance of a cure. There is also a connection between the emotions and their expression in the physical system. Kavouras used a chart to point out the physical linkages.

Emotional Level

Physical Level






Hormonal System




Kidneys, Joints

According to Reich, Orgone Therapy cannot promise that a person will feel better, but the therapy can be sure that the person will feel more.

Talking more of the emotional and physical connection, Kavouras stated that brain cancers often arise from states of deep depression. This is an attempt of the body to avoid the expression of the emotional state, only having it arise in the physical state. In working with this type of patient, the DOR buster and the accumulator are two important tools for the therapist.  Therapists need training in the proper operation of the DOR buster. The patient is asked to breath deeper which changes his energy level.

Reich for 50 years was always moving forward which is an ongoing inspiration for Kavouras. Reich exemplified the “Dare to Know” theme from homeopathy. Kavouras then finished his talk with a case example, showing a patient who had an open infection in her foot that was ulcerated to the bone. After three to four months of therapy using a DOR buster in combination with homeopathic remedies, the foot had healed with only a slight scar left.


Conny Huthsteiner, MD. "Love, Sexuality, God, and Family Life."

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“Love, work and knowledge are the well-springs of our life. They should also govern it.” Wilhelm Reich

Though Reich uses the word “love” less than “orgasm” in his writings, love is important in all of Reich’s work. If open to love, the unarmored person has less compulsion and can thus grow in a natural way. This is especially important in schools for children that promote unarmored development. It is also necessary that parents be without armoring for the healthy growth of these children.

There is a need to acknowledge the sexual aspect of children, meaning that no shame is attached to their sexuality. But there were still some of Reich’s trainees who were pathological. Maybe it is part of his writing. In The Sexual Revolution his tone was of a different time: suppressing repression alone is not enough in our present age. For example, casual sex is now becoming a health problem, but at the time of Reich’s early writings, it was seen as good for young adults.

Reich from four and a half years and on was active sexually. He also had a fear of his father based on the father’s abusive personality. Contrast this with Peter Reich’s memories of his father in Book of Dreams. There is a total opposite. What is going on that Peter had no sexual curiosity? Does the beating have a relationship with Reich’s early interest in sex?

A neurotic structure would prevent the blossoming of free sexuality immediately. There needs to be some regulation, for example there are laws against child molestation. But in the USA, the pornography industry is huge, and it often has a violent theme. In the USA children often have more time alone at home (one of Reich’s goals) yet they are in an environment that online can surround them with pornography. There are no good models there; hookups are mechanical, jaded and superficial. Sex is performed without meaning, yet this is the norm now.

Thus sex becomes a compulsive behavior. In the USA, 25% of Sixth Graders have had sex, rising to 85% of students in high school. Yet these sexually active teens rate their initial sexual activities negatively. Thus the privacy and confidentiality for teens has not produced the results for which Reich had hoped. 25% of young mothers are single. But with no education and support for these mothers, who suffers because of this social arrangement? Mothers are being forced to go to court to achieve some basic support for the mother and child, yet they live very frugal lives.

There is a need to learn to love. Reich describes the genital embrace but it remains a little too clinical. He also described the biological functions involved. Maybe writing more about love instead of sex would have been good. The loving connection needs to be seen as more than a sexual connection.

The biological connection between women and abortion is part of the different needs and functions that are present for the women but not there for the man. This difference extends in how women bring their feelings into the future. In adolescence, the girl fears abandonment more acutely than the men. It is a magnet and a life danger. Awareness of this is necessary. As women compete in the work place, and as menses starts earlier, there is a completely new sexual revolution that Reich had no idea would arise.

Reich’s concept of God had no tolerance for a distant punitive God; or that blame or hate were demanded. He was opposed to mysticism but perhaps he needed to define mystics better. Reich saw the concept of orgone energy and God rise to similar levels. He was driven to prayer at the end of his life for solace during his duress. He responded to the need induced by this stress. Mysticism can represent both the best or worst for personal reference. One can be close to God, or live in complete separation and lost in superstition.

At the end of his life, Reich found a rational aspect of religion. The necessity of the idea of God was important to all cultures. In Cosmic Superimposition Reich pondered what he called the greatest riddle of all: “the ability of man to think and by mere thinking to know what nature is and how it functions.”


Renata Reich Moise, CNM. "Self-regulation in the Real World: Growing Up as the Granddaughter of Wilhelm Reich."

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Image of MoisePhoto: Jon East

Moise shared images from her early life growing up in Hancock, Maine. There were many tender and loving glimpses of her family, including a few glimpses of Reich as a family person.

It was especially good to see the many images of her mother Eva Reich who worked her whole life to further Reich’s work with children.



Tina Lindemann, MD. "My Personal Experience Working With Medical Orgonic Therapy."

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Image of LindemannPhoto: Jon East

Lindemann shared some random thoughts about her work as an orgone therapist with the audience. First off, she talked about what is needed for the future of orgone therapy. About the orgasmic reflex: it is not necessary all of the time. If the ability is there, and the opportunity arises, then the reflex can be repeated throughout life.

Indeed, it can be one of the most important things in one’s life. However, anxiety about it leads to fear of failure, and fear is the enemy. But life is asking us to be alive, and life is the carrot to help us move to the orgastic reflex. We have to follow the impulse, and cannot let fear conquer us. It is the role of the therapist to help us overcome this fear.

An orgasm and the orgasm reflex are not the same thing. The reflex is slow pulsation and is a very gentle and deep thing. It is almost not visible or at least is unspectacular from the outside. It is a wave flowing through the body, starting from the genitals and flowing throughout the body.

Another point: there are great changes in the sexuality of youth today. Reich’s time was certainly greatly different than today, and we need the development of this concept of context to today’s world. But orgonomy is a small group – we need to open up and not be afraid of the newer generation. Openness to new ideas is necessary. It is important to understand the contrast between fear and love.

Trust is necessary, as hard as it is to have trust with an armored person. As a therapist, the first interaction one has is with the patient’s energy field. We need to be aware of the field from the first session on. There always is contact with the core in spite of the armoring. In her fourteen years of work with armoring, and especially in working with annoying people, she still has contact with the core of her patients. This makes it less personal as it is not about the individual alone, since one can always get to the core.

This contact with the core is only possible when there is contact with one’s own core. Fear takes one outside of oneself, so the therapist must stay within herself and remain in contact with her own core. There needs to be awareness of the five senses in addition to staying in contact with one’s core in order to make contact with other people. This ability to see the core in another person only comes after seeing it in oneself.

Another point: a young woman and her first sexual contact. There is tremendous pressure on her today to have sex early. But a young man has pressure also, especially of the “manly” expectations. So both boys and girls are bad off today.

What do we want in orgonomy today? We need more colleagues. Lindemann was part of 60 to 80 people that were introduced to orgonomy, which is a large number of people. Still, we need honesty with colleagues to be able to match skills, needs and resources. For Lindemann curiosity about Reich, her healing work with an accumulator, and her empathy for different approaches keep her in orgonomy. And she enjoys working with her colleagues now.

We don’t always need so much information about a patient’s background. Therapists have various tools to use that may be effective. Within one’s own life, after putting orgonomy into practice, change will occur. This is true even if one does not have a medical background.

Lindemann finished with a personal story. She was on a train in Vienna and saw an empty house on a hill with a garden. She had a picture of working there with patients. There was plenty of space available for others to join her there. So this is the dream she is putting out to the world. Welcome to her dream.


Panel Discussion With All the Presenters

Image of PanelPhoto: Jon East

Question: What about the fears a woman feels after birth?

Answer: The pre-natal influence is important, but it is like the chicken and the egg. So armored women need a careful, gentle technique to help them after birth. It is not a time for more intense therapy.

Question: What about the orgasm verses ejaculation?

Answer: It is more a language thing so it is a distinction more than a difference. Kinsey’s first use of the term “climax” referred to ejaculation. In the real world, 30% to 40% of women don’t have climaxes anyway.

Question: What is neo-natal massage?

Answer: It is gentle touching. Butterfly massage for instance.

Image of PanelPhoto: Jon East

Question: Is there an age limit for adolescent sexuality?

Answer: Every child has to develop on her own appropriate time.

Follow-up: What about 10 years of age?

Answer: Ten seems early. At this age it gentle touching and hugging is appropriate . Also, at this age puberty is a critical influence on the child.

Question: About the Wilhelm Reich archives, can they be accessed?

Answer: An application needs to be made. There are entire manuscripts there, lots of other stuff. One must prove a background of research on Reich, or published papers, or being involved in research. However, Maglioni stated that he submitted an application and in spite of his work in the cloudbusting area, he was denied access to Reich’s writings on this subject. One cannot see case histories, of course, as this is private information.

Question: What about the circumstances of Reich’s death?

Answer: There is always a tendency to attribute foul play in any death of a public figure as Reich was. However, to be locked away behind stonewalls and steel bars, it seems that Reich died of a broken heart.

Image of PanelPhoto: Jon East

Question: Is homosexuality pathological in Reich’s view?

Answer: No, mostly. He thought that homosexuality should not be illegal. Gay people can be armored as much as anyone else. However, Reich viewed male/female sexuality as the highest form of sexuality.

Follow-up: What about the social problems gay people face?

Answer: A case history is appropriate here. Simonian tells of treating two women. One was involved in a lesbian relationship but was not deeply committed. The other knew she was a lesbian from first grade. The first woman’s lesbian relationship was the result of trauma she suffered as a child. Therefore, it was pathological to a degree, whereas the second lady was lesbian to the core. It is extremely important to know the history of a patient before any conclusion is made about their sexuality.


Peter Jones, OB. "Orgone-theraputic Support in Labor."

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Image of JonesPhoto: Jon East

Jones started his talk with an offer to anyone interested in training to become a midwife in Great Britain. Since there is a shortage of midwifes that are familiar with the principles of orgonomy, he would be glad to share all his knowledge that he has gained since being trained as a midwife in the ‘90’s. He wants to find someone who would continue his orgonomic work in midwifery, as there seems to be little interest in it in his home country.

He shared a comment he heard a doctor make to a new mother after an emergency caesarian birth procedure. The mother was a bit put off by the surgery. The doctor said that the mother now had her baby, so “What’s the problem?” But there is a great deal of difference between a positive and a negative experience. To understand the functional basis for this, Jones referred back to the basic antithesis of the sympathetic and parasympathetic functions of the autonomic nervous system that Reich talked about in Chapter VII of The Function of the Orgasm. Anxiety for the woman is increased and exaggerated when she experiences uncertainty during childbirth. This gives rise to pain, and the accompanying fear only reinforces this pain. This is all a result of the functioning of the sympathetic system. In contrast to this, by working on the parasympathetic function of expansion and pleasure that an orgonomist can do during childbirth, the fear and pain are diminished.

Jones then reflected on midwifery as an occupation for a male. In the ‘70’s in Great Britain one had to be a nurse before becoming a midwife. This was a prohibitive investment in time for him, but when the rules changed in the ‘90’s he went into a program that offered direct training for being a certified midwife without first being a RN. After his training, he concentrated on doing a good job as a midwife and did not get hung up on the male/female thing.

In England, every vaginal birth has to be delivered by a midwife. Medical doctors have been quoted in giving advice to young trainees asking about birth procedures that “if you don’t know – ask a midwife. They’re the experts.” The midwife is in charge of the birth procedure in England, so he can introduce a little orgonomy into the process. He especially concentrates on the breathing of the woman, often going through the whole breath cycle with them. He is especially aware when they are holding their breath. He can feel the uterus softening up when the breathing becomes slower and more regular.

He shared an example of a patient who was very mobile during her childbirth. She walked back and forth even though she was 9 cm dilated. She started involuntary pushing where the orgasmic movement of her pelvis could be seen. She started to give birth standing up but changed to her knees.

But his best birth experience was with a lady who quite spontaneous in her birth. She was standing and hanging onto the bed and she started to get red in the face. She then lay down on the bed and gave birth immediately. He started to bring the baby to her, the baby and she opened their arms, and they met on her chest. The mother looked as if she had just finished a good game of tennis. She then proceeded to push the baby in his cart up to her room in the hospital.


James DeMeo, PhD. "Saharasia: Cross-cultural Proof of Reich's Sexeconomic Theory and the Origin of Violence."

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Image of DeMeoPhoto: Jon East

The Saharasia study from ’79 – ’86 is the largest and most in-depth scholarly study on human behavior and social violence around the world that was ever completed. It was based on Dr. Reich’s ideas and resulted in a confirmation of his sex economic theories.

How did armoring get started in the first place? In the Trobriand societies, because they are matrilineal, there is no divorce for women. Males were part of the birth process and the birth was gentle for the baby. Children were all grouped together and spent their time playing as large groups. As adolescents they spontaneously formed “children’s democracies” within their peer groups.

As foreigners looked at this society there was a mystery of a lack of pregnancy in the adolescents. Eventually, after their initial experimentation, they paired up, and during festivals, got married. There are many other examples of societies that have similar characteristics. So this gives rise to the question of how to measure peaceful verses violent societies.

DeMeo displayed a long list of characteristics of the characteristics of peaceful, unarmored, matrist societies compared to violent, armored, patrist societies. One can see the table here. From this list of characteristics, there are 63 variables that over 400 cultures from around the world were rated on. This resulted in 500 positive correlations with only 20 negative ones.

Further, 1170 cultures with published data were studied by DeMeo. There was a predominance of patrist societies in Africa, Central and East Asia while Native North and South America and Oceana were less patrist moving to matrist societies. This led to the creation of a world behavior map that showed a strong association between desert landscapes and patrist societies.

Cultural world mapCopyright: James DeMeo

The desert belts of the world are associated with the lowest carrying capacity of the land. Under these harsh conditions, male and female circumcisions occur, cranial infant deformations take place, and childhood malnourishment occurs often. This lead DeMeo to the conclusion that “severe and repeated drought and desertification, which promotes famine, starvation, and mass migrations among subsistence-level cultures, must have been a crucial factor which would have gradually, or even rapidly, pushed early matrist cultures towards patrism.”

Again, see this summary for more information about this topic.


Phillip Bennett, PhD. "Wilhelm Reich's Social and Political Activities: An Overview. What Is Work Democracy?"

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Image of BennettPhoto: Jon East

Bennett outlined a history of Dr. Reich’s involvement with political organizations. In Reich Speaks of Freud he says he was never political. But he was involved in political movements. Below is a short chronology of his involvement with political organizations.





Joined the Austrian Communist Party (in secret.)


Joined Socialist Association in Austria.


Wrote Dialectical Materialism and Psychoanalysis. This was the best selling work of Reich’s in Europe, with over 10,000 copies sold. In it he talked about sexual excitation versus sexual satisfaction.


Thrown out of the Austrian Communist Party. The party also banned the above book based on political incorrectness.


Moves to Berlin. Initiates Association for the Protection of Children. Taught at the Marxist Workers School.


Officially purged from the Communist Party in Moscow.


Thrown out of the Communist Party of Germany. The Party was fighting within themselves rather than confronting the Social Democrats. Hitler is elected chancellor in 1933.


Reich moves to London. Mass Psychology of Fascism is published. The book is full of “Marxisms”.


Reich moves to Oslo.


Secret meeting with Trotsky.


Concept of work democracy is formulated. Moves to USA.


Arrested in the US as an enemy alien. Spent a month in prison.


Wrote Emotional Plague of Mankind, Murder of Christ, People in Trouble


Bennett then proceeded to talk more about work democracy. Work democracy has a biological foundation in that sexual happiness is part of the natural process of life. Reich, in advocating work democracy, emphasized individual sexual freedom. He stated that it incorporated all that is desirable in a healthy sexual environment without any ugly side effects.

Bennett listed the elements of sexual health:

  • Individual control of one’s personal and private life.
  • Access to contraception, which supports the above.
  • End of compulsory marriage.
  • Adequate privacy for all, including adolescents.
  • Encouragement of infantile and adolescent sexuality.
  • Elimination of any form of sexual exploitation.
  • Support for sexual minorities, offering of therapy if desired.

The above principals when applied to a society results in the following principals:

  • All work is vitally necessary work.
  • There is no economic exploitation (economic socialism.)
  • No environmental exploitation.
  • Work! Not labor.
  • Ownership is local and revocable.
  • Work in harmony with nature.
  • Individuals have complete responsibility for work organization.

People cannot be forced into work democracy. But as 9/11 in the US showed, people will respond spontaneously in a work democratic manner to a crisis. Even if they later revert back to old forms of organizations, it shows that the drive to work democracy is an inherent drive within people.


Peter Robbins, BSA. "Final Thoughts on Wilhelm Reich and UFO's, and an Account of Military Application of Cloudbusting."

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Image of RobbinsPhoto: Jon East

For Dr. Reich, focusing a cloudbuster on a star and having it dim was a life-changing event. Perhaps naively, he wrote directly to Eisenhower of this event. He was directed by the Whitehouse to communicate with the Air Force and the CIA in the future. At the time, Hillenkoetter was the head of the CIA, and he was also the head of an ongoing UFO investigation. Hillenkoetter later became the head of the largest international organization investigating UFOs (National Investigations Committee On Aerial Phenomena.) Thus is seems that Reich was able to communicate with some individuals who would listen to what he had to say.

During the Tucson operation, Reich was visited by Professor James McDonald from the Department of Meteorology, University of Arizona, Tucson. McDonald was to later go on and lead an attempt for academics to be more involved in UFO research, claiming at one point that the Air Force was mismanaging their investigation. Reich made his work difficult for the academic community as he used his own terminology in his CORE writings. His observations regarding chemtrails were very astute though.

The US Air Force did have schematics for the construction of cloudbusters. The question of whether the Air Force built cloudbusters to be used as weather weapons needs to be investigated. But before we look at this question, we need to look at a recent UFO sighting that Robbins records in the book he co-authored with Larry Warren entitled Left at East Gate. The book recounts the December 1980 landing of a UFO in Rendlesham Forest in southeastern England. Activity covered three consecutive nights and many people made observations at the time. There was abundant analysis following the event such as soil analysis where the objects landed and optical burns in the retinas of people who observed the objects.

Rendlesham Forest is adjacent to RAF Bentwaters/Woodbridge, a NATO air base and nuclear weapons storage site, so military personnel were part of the witnesses. After the event, the witnesses were subjected to NSA brainwashing to confuse their memories of the event. When Warren did talk publically about the event, he was attacked and discredited by the established press. This is not surprising to Robbins, as it is usual for UFO events. However, there is a side story of this event that is of great interest to all people interested in Reich.

In 1987 there was a freak hurricane that came ashore in southeastern England. The lack of any kind of warning was very odd. 1.3 million trees were uprooted or tipped over in the Rendlesham Forest. The damage was huge and showed the tremendous force of the storm. In a presentation in Princeton in 1988 Robbins met a person who reported that there were huge devices at the NATO base that looked like Reich’s cloudbusters except that they were much larger. And he also remembered that the base had numerous wells that were used for fresh water. So there is an occurrence of UFO activity and a weather anomaly occurring in the same geographic area. One is forced to wonder if there was a use of cloudbusters with disastrous results in this event.

Robbins explored the forest in 1998 and even after eleven years the extensive and incredible damage is overwhelming. Five hundred-year-old Holly trees were totally lifted out of the ground, roots and all. Amazingly, there was very little rain associated with this storm/”hurricane”.

The existence of cloudbuster-like devices at the base was confirmed when Warren was giving a talk about the UFO sightings in the late 1980’s. A couple that had been stationed at the base at the time of the storm also had observed them. A dry hurricane, with no meteorological forecast, at an area where cloudbusters had been observed and an area that was of interest to UFOs over a period of three days: this is a convergence of events that is beyond chance. Inquiries by Robbins and DeMeo for more information were met with silence. However, it certainly seems that this may have been a case of cloudbusting gone awry.


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