A Modern Accumulator


The Accumulator

A point of controversy

Reich put together his first accumulator after he came to the United States. He used them first with mice, later with people. They are passive, weather dependent devices, which are variable in effect.

They need to be aired out often so a bright airy space is the best place to put them, with no close fluorescent lights, televisions, or cathode ray devices such as old computer monitors, or WiFi generating devices.

The picture to the right is an accumulator. Dr. Reich often placed a small window in the front door for diminishing anxiety in people using the devices who have a sense of claustrophobia in sitting in such a small device.

As you can see, there is an opening at the top of the rear panel, as well as at the bottom of both side panels. This allows for a small amount of airflow to keep the inside comfortable when sitting in it.

What Is an Accumulator?

Dr. Reich's work in psychiatry was always a combination of theoretical work and laboratory experimentation. In Norway in 1935, he made the first attempt to measure changes in the bioelectric makeup of the human body during pleasurable sensations. more...

How to Use an Accumulator

The beneficial use of the accumulator is accomplished by daily, regular sittings within the radiating enclosure. Ventilation of the enclosed space is secured through openings above and beneath the door. The atmospheric orgone energy does not "seep" through openings, more...

How to Make an Accumulator

How to make one for yourself. Original plans from the Reich Museum here. They are a rough guide, but good to get a sense of what is involved in building one for your personal use. more...

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