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How to Use an Accumulator

The beneficial use of the accumulator is accomplished by daily, regular sittings within the radiating enclosure. Ventilation of the enclosed space is secured through openings above and beneath the door. The atmospheric orgone energy does not "seep" through openings, but penetrates the solid walls. In relation to the accumulator, the organism is the stronger energy system. Accordingly a potential is created from the outside toward the inside by the enclosed body. The energy fields of the two systems make contact and after some time, dependent on the bio-energetic strength of the organism within, both the living organism and the energy field of the accumulator begin to "luminate" i.e. they become excited and, making contact drive each other to higher levels of excitation. This fact becomes perceptible to the user of the accumulator through feelings of prickling, warmth, relaxation, reddening of the face, and objectively, through increased body temperature.

IThere is no mechanical rule as to how long one should sit in the accumulator. One should continue with the orgonotic irradiation as long as one feels comfortable and "glowing." Sensitive people will, after a while, have "had enough". This manifests itself in the feeling of ?nothing happening any longer?. It is explained by the fact that in a truly self-regulatory manner, the organism will absorb only as much orgone energy as it requires. After a certain level has been reached, the sensations become unpleasant. Pressure in the head, slight nausea, ill feelings all over, and dizziness are the most common signs indicating that over-irradiation has begun. If such is the case, one simply leaves the accumulator and takes some fresh air and the symptoms of overcharge quickly vanish.

Under no circumstances should one sit in the accumulator for hours. This can cause serious damage. In a three fold accumulator one session should not be longer than 30 minutes at a time. It is better if necessary, to use the accumulator several times a day at shorter intervals than to prolong one sitting unnecessarily.

The size of the accumulator should fit the size of the person who uses it. The inner metal walls should not be further away from the body surface than 2 to 4 inches. A small child in a large size accumulator would not attract enough energy. The average adult size will be suitable for most people.

It is not necessary to undress completely in the accumulator since orgone energy penetrates everything. However one should not wear too heavy or woolen clothes since this will prevent quick contact and excitation. The accumulator may be set up in any room. The room should be aired thoroughly every day.

Never attach exposed electric wires to the metallic portion of the accumulator since it is possible to receive shock. A small reading light may be attached to the inside.

The accumulator can be cleaned by wiping the metal surfaces with a damp cloth. Do not let it get wet. Water absorbs and holds the orgone energy and thus prevents the creation of an orgonotic potential inside the accumulator. When the humidity exceeds 80%, the atmospheric orgone tension is reduced and the accumulator may function poorly, therefore longer sessions may be needed.

Note: This is how Reich described use of the accumulator. It is taken from his instructions that accompanied the devices. It can also be found in The Cancer Biopathy.


(1) Reich, Wilhelm The Cancer Biopathy (The Discovery of Orgone, Vol. 2) Farrar, Strauss & Giroux (1948)

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